Pants or Skirt: What Makes You Happy?

In the WSJ today:

Confidence, not income, gives women power in a marriage. So-called feminists who focus on “power” and competing for “who wear the pants” forget that there is something important, elegant, and downright powerful about wearing a skirt. Ms. Basham correct observes (”Who Wears the Pants,” Taste, Oct. 10) that marital happiness rests, in large part, on “how happy [the] wife is.” With the future of marriage less certain today than ever before, it’s a valuable exercise to consider what really makes you―and your spouse―happy.

Women judging women is not what the feminist movement is about. We should focus on choice, since choosing, after all, makes women happy. Feminist paternalism springs from a female subordinacy complex―rooted in a tenuous grip on one’s own choice―that should long have been extinct. Thank you Ms. Basham for pointing out that so much of progress is enjoying what we have.

Kathryn Ciano

Arlington, VA


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