Fanning Reefs

Coveted: Sandals that open beer.

Ever since I went to a party this past summer and saw a guy nonchalantly open his beer bottle on the bottom of his sandal, I’ve been wanting a pair of these. So last week when’s Steep and Cheap site had some on sale for less than $20, I pounced. In two weeks I’m going to be at a beach in Mexico, so I’ll give them a good workout. And will be making other people eye my green flip-flops while getting green with envy.

The cheeky tag that came with them has an illustrated demo in four steps. A man takes off his sandal, pops open a beer, drinks it, and then saunters off with a babe on his arm. A note at the bottom says, “We can only guarantee steps #1-3.”

Let me tell you something: If a man opened a beer for me with his shoe, I would be that girl on his arm. And that is only partly due to my shamefully low alcohol tolerance.


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