Battle of Zarqa Article

From Steve, an article in the Ft. Lewis Post on the Battle of Zarqa.


As midnight passed, Huggins directed B- and C-Company commanders to offer surrender terms over the public address systems in their command Strykers. They promised a lull to allow enemy fighters to gather themselves and come forward. Instead, the insurgents used the time to regroup and counter-attack.

“By (1 a.m. the enemy) was re-engaging with heavy machine guns and repositioning forces,” Huggins said. “We re-engaged with all assets. Among other things, we hit a truck carrying ammunition; it continued to cook off for half an hour. At another point, we hit an underground cache, with sympathetic detonations and small-arms ammunition cooking off for some time afterwards.”

The battle wanes

The volume of fire decreased through the early hours of Jan. 29, to the point that by 3 a.m., 1st Sgt. Viriato Ferrera said it stopped altogether.

“That was the point where I think we broke their will,” Ferrera said. “Between 3 and 4 a.m.”

I will never, ever forget Steve calling me that day. He had a satellite phone and called while riding away from the battle in his Stryker. He warned me the base would be down for a few days, and that I’d see a lot of very scary press. But that he was alright.

Battle of Zarqa

Holy, holy shit; I cannot believe Steve is one of these men.


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