Old-Fashioned Morality

Tom G. Palmer, you are a brilliant, attractive, and morally upright man.

Old-fashioned morality in public.

After informing a foul-mouthed woman cursing up a storm over dinner that her language had ruined his meal, TGP muses:

I wonder sometimes whether my behavior means I’m just getting older, or whether I am providing a public benefit for others who would prefer not to be bombarded with such vulgarity and coarseness.

I wonder this myself, and I’m younger than he is. There is a v thin line between “well-behaved women rarely make history” and those women so aggressively re-thinking “feminism” as to render it unrecognizable.

Femininity is only a teeny part of the “preserving old-fashioned civility” mind-set, but it’s the most interesting to me. The funny thing is that it’s easy to preserve. Men, if you buy the drinks, we will nurture you. Act like the gentlemen our fathers taught us to want, and we will make it very worth your while. If you expect us to pay, we’re happy to do it. But then when you later fall back on an argument of “old-fashioned” mentality, it’s completely disingenuous. Compromise doesn’t work. You get to decide, but you can’t have it both ways. If you’re “modern” in the bar (and, um, elsewhere), then we will continue to be “modern” in marriage. If, however, you take care of us in those traditional (arguably outmoded) ways, then we will return the favor in droves.

Also, note the irony: It used to be women who had to wait–to keep from being “modern” in the “um, elsewhere” sense–or men would take us less seriously for real relationships. Ironic that now women have taken the liberty of considering men less seriously for husband-fodder if men don’t tap the brakes in that department…!

Tom G. Palmer, you have made me redefine my thoughts on femininity. Your power to provoke thoughtful consideration has reached new bounds today.


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