An absurdly inspiring email

Out of the blue, an unmarked envelope I picked up from my mailbox last night contained the key to the rest of my life in this wonderful country. Those of you who know me know how big a deal this is personally, how long it has taken, and how many arbitrary and capricious obstacles our immigration non-policy places in the way of people who have always wanted to be American, spent our entire adult lives here, and gotten our educations at U.S. universities. (Some of you may not have had any idea that I wasn’t American, which underlines the latter point.) I have been very fortunate in the opportunities I have had and I am eternally grateful that this day has finally arrived. Believe me that I will never take for granted the great privilege that is permanent residence in the United States.

With sincere hope that America remains a beacon of liberty and that shining city upon a hill,


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