From Facebook: Insight into the Nature of the Dream

From a friend’s Facebook status:

Did you succeed at getting your iPhone back from the taxi cab driver? Your mom tried to call you yesterday and was startled when a man with broken English answered your phone.” -email from my dad Sorry to everyone who had to interact with my bizarrely protective cab driver. I’m not sure why he felt it was necessary to call all of the random people he called but I got it back so the creepiness is over!

What a good argument for fixing our broken immigration policies! Yay for keeping the American dream of Community alive by being overprotective when you feel you have an ethical duty by virtue of your job, rather than switching to shorthand non-cooperative capitalism and feeling entitled to sell someone else’s stuff on eBay!

Disclaimer: Facebook = semi-public domain, so I do not feel guilty when I re-post someone’s wall post.


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