Police Checkpoints at Home

What starts with “P” and ends with “olicestate”?

Rather: What happens when a federal jurisdiction attempts to police a bunch of individuals lacking in any intermediate municipal governance or representative voice in that federal rule?

The WaPo reports:

A civil liberties group pressed its challenge of D.C. police checkpoints yesterday, asking an appeals court to overturn a ruling last year that cleared the way for authorities to continue using the tactic.

Whoa, what kind of judge would so glibly pave the way to hell with good intentions? Ohhh, Judge Leon, what a tangled web you weave; if only we were dealing with enemy combatants, then maybe you would ask for some stricter scrutiny in examining whether or not we should be subject to federal checkpoints in our backyard.

In October, U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon refused to grant an injunction and strongly endorsed the checkpoints.

What do residents of Da Capitol think about this? Well, absent political responsibility to a voting constituency there’s really no conclusive way to find out. Well played, DC! You have closed that last pesky “federalism” loophole on accountability!


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