Weekend Links

Michael Stokes Paulsen weighs in on OPR’s threatened torture memo sanctions.

Prof. Balkin’s response to MSP.

Girl power at Preakness: First girl takes it since 1924! Go Rachel Alexandra!

An old but interesting Atlantic article: Lost in the Meritocracy.

BoingBoing citing Mercatus: Index of Freedom by American states.

I can’t decide whether to call this one plain “disrespectful” or actually Obama biting off more than he can chew. For somebody who looks like he supports diversity he doesn’t have a lot of respect for defensible points of view different from his own. Obama incites abortion discussion at Notre Dame, America’s “leading Catholic university.”

Kimberly Strassel on the NIMBY of Gitmo.

Why pirates escape jurisdiction. That post includes a link to Foreign Affairs mag’s list of “must reads” about pirates in general.


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