Kabul: More “Mellow” than Baghdad

Check out NPR’s All Things Considered reporter in this interesting article comparing Afghanistan and Iraq.  I always wonder how different the capital cities are.  Obvi the countries look different to the media (incl. embedded media) than to soldiers (thank goodness; I’ve long since satisfied my lifetime quota of soldier/statistics/war media).  I’ll definitely be following Graham Smith for his five weeks there.

First impressions:

Kabul airport is nothing like Baghdad. In fact, there’s not much about this place that reminds me of Iraq — aside from the Kalashnikovs everywhere. But things aren’t nearly so militarized, and in general it just seems much more mellow.

Where Baghdad International with its tragic Icarus statue is a hardened military base, this was more like a post-soviet Manchester. Plus a bunch of guys hustling to help with the bags. Sure, there were UN helicopters and a bunch of aged Russian gunships around, but not an American soldier in sight.  

How wild and appropriate, that an Icarus statue now marks the cradle of civilization.



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