Brooke Shields Wishes She Had Done IT Sooner

The gossip blogs are abuzz today w/ Brooke Shields’s confession that she wishes she’d lost her virginity sooner.

I love Brooke Shields and her candor in this controversial confession makes me love her more. A late bloomer myself, my junior year paper on “Sex in literature as a metaphor for life” probably speaks for the huge amount of displaced energy I didn’t quite know how to express.

But seriously…there’s something to be said for a 17 year old writing a passionate paper rather than putting that passion into a less (or, too frequently, more) productive activity.

And didn’t Brooke Shields go to Princeton?  Seems to me that whatever choices she made in her teens were the right ones.   Google tells me that her daughter is 4 years old. When Rowan turns 16 if I were Brooke I’d rather she put that displaced energy into school than into boys.

Many women agree with Shields. And Brooke, I love you, but ladycakes I have a hard time believing you’ll walk the walk in a few years when your baby comes asking for advice!


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