California: Democracy Now

California voted for Proposition 8 in November, and today the court gave it to them:

SACRAMENTO, May 26 (UPI) — Proponents and opponents of California’s Proposition 8 held their ground Tuesday after the state high court upheld the ban on same-sex marriages.

The California Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that Prop 8 is constitutional, but unanimously said 18,000 same-sex marriages, performed before the November vote on Prop 8, remain valid.

California will recognize existing gay marriages but will not perform any more. That’s the short of it. The long? Be careful what you vote for, kiddos. This here is a democracy!

Prop 8 merits aside, this ruling seems exceptionally stupid. You recognize that sometimes marriage is between a woman and a woman, but constitutionally claim that it’s not a marriage unless it’s between a woman and a man…? Maybe when I’m a 3L this will make sense to me.


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