I moved to a new apartment this week and am in the midst of a total news freeze.  Verizon arrives to welcome us back to civilization on Wednesday.  But this beautiful Sunday morning finds me seven days into a 10-day dissociation from the entire outside world.

Rather than link roundly to my desperate “news” quaff at large, here are a few choice links:


See King Lear for free tonight!


How to deal w/ a dictator.  Note: After seeing the infinitely ridiculous movie Team America this week anything re Kim Jong Il is slightly funnier than appropriate.


Gay marriage heralds democracy?  Or at least it signals a concrete change not easily retracted.


Epstein w/ Russel Roberts on rule of law.


Chapter 11 means reorganization — it should go to the heart of a company culture.  On GM’s restructuring.


Jeff Rowes on government (not judicial) activism.  See also, why I adore IJ.


David Frum dissects the Cairo speech.


Finally, gratuitously: Hippie Chow!  I love this blog and I love assorted ingredients mashed in a bowl! :)


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