Things that annoy me, #782

Without internet or cable I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately and have noticed a theme.  Women in movies want to be loved, and don’t care about who’s doing the loving.  Men who have behaved like jerks for years fall for the lead lady and, after a little convincing that he indeed loves her, she swoons and falls right back.  See, e.g., He’s Just Not that into You and My Super Ex-girlfriend, to name a couple embarrassing examples.  

I get wanting to be loved but this bugs me.  Um, discriminating?  Doesn’t he have to be BOTH loving AND kind?  Sure we all want to be appreciated.  But what’s the point of being appreciated by someone who’s still a jerk?  Appreciation requires that you respect the person supposedly appreciating you and that he respect you.  No matter how swoon-worthy the ultimate declaration of love, I can’t stand when the moral of the story is that a woman should ignore the preceding pattern of poor treatment.  



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  1. Libby


    But the love-hate relationship makes for better drama, more conflict, and snappier dialogue in a story. I would guess that’s why this jerky guy/swooning woman relationship persists in film and television.

    Not watching television has been, like, the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself. My perceptions towards human relationships have cleared up considerably (except after catching an all-day “House” marathon… then I’m right back to square-one with my fan-girl crush on Dr. House. He’s so damaged, but I STILL LOVE HIM ANYWAY!) ;)

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