Washington Post and Federalism

At the risk of becoming unpopular for downplaying the big international news of the day, I appreciate the Washington Post leading this morning with continued explanations for Monday’s Metro crash. American papers have stratified a bit according to which story they chose as their headers today — Tehran v. The Sanford Affair — and WaPo rejected all of that in favor of a story close to home.

To be a state DC has to act like a state, and that requires attention to local news. Beltway residents (guilty) often slight local happenings to pursue only the bigger national or international stories. It is this inattention to the annoying-but-faction-oriented "NIMBY" mentality that results in citations issued to DC residents parked in their own driveways, knocking down surplus houses specifically built for newly-homeless so affected by the recession, and such atrocities as the legislation that gave rise to the Heller litigation.

Thank you WaPo for treating your demographic like a community rather than a tattered, wonkish assortment uninterested in our own interests like we so often seem!


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