Markey Interview re his “Climate-Change” (Cap and Trade) Bill

And the number 1 sign a politician is bullshitting you: he uses the phrase “unleash the revolution.”

See also: Cap and Trade schemes are bad for the economy and the environment; and George F. Will, the Quixotic case against green energy.

Updates, from Katherine Mangu-Ward at Reason:

UPDATE: House passes the bill, 219-212, despite the fact that no one on the planet has actually read it. Consider picking up some more beer and drinking steadily until the Senate vote, morosely re-reading Reason‘s extensive climate change archive until it’s all over.

UPDATE II: Right after the vote, D.C. was hit by a huge freakish hailstorm. Twitter canvas suggests that supporters see it as evidence that this climate change thing is serious. Opponents see it as evidence of God’s displeasure with the vote. Omens can be so tricky sometimes.


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