Sotomayor: Bullet-Proof Justice

Judge Sotomayor won’t abide fake accessories! Fashionista writes:

According to WWD, she’s been part of Chinatown raids and, get this, chased some fake bag makers around the parking lot of Shea Stadium on the back of a motorcycle!

She has said, “I particularly enjoyed the many lovely afternoons in Chinatown spent, wearing a bulletproof vest, with Heather McDonald — the ‘Dragon Lady,’ as she was affectionately called by the local vendors — seizing counterfeit goods from the nooks and crannies that many of us never imagined existed within the maze of buildings that is Chinatown.”

To be honest, I like Sotomayor — even her "wise Latina woman" BS is endearing to hear. But to clarify, it’s endearing to hear from a person, not a judge. And, while I’ve chosen a career path that will reap more "Guchy" than Gucci, I support her mission to keep fashion alive and well and keep fakes off the street.

But Sonia, seriously: a bullet-proof vest? Is this conduct becoming of a Justice?

h/t Above the Law


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