Palin Resignation: The Plot Thickens

[File under: HEARSAY]

But wait, there’s more news from Anchorage.  What of these embezzlement rumors, Sarah?

Sources are saying that Sarah Palin’s sudden resignation as Alaska Governor is actually damage control because a major embezzlement scandal is about to erupt involving construction projects in her home town of Wasilla, Alaska.

Multiple sources have been digging around in the wake of Sarah Palin’s cryptic resignation speech Friday and they’ve found that when Palin was Mayor of her home town of Wasilla, AK in 2002, she was influental in the construction of the Wasilla Sports Complex and hockey arena. First of all, the $12mil+ project ended up in the hands of contractors who were friends of friends of Palin. Secondly, at around the same time the sports complex was being built, so was Palin’s new house. What’s interesting about that is the house is constructed from the exact same materials the sports complex was built with. The windows in both structures are the same, the wood is the same, pretty well everything.

When the house was being built, Palin, being Mayor at the time, influenced the bylaw requiring building permits in the town so that now there is no official list of the contractors who worked on her house.

So…was the Saks Affair not an anomaly?  Did America shake a haystack and a mini-embezzlement fell out?

Rather than focus on this major disappointment — and yes, this is hearsay, but barring 2012 prep w/ constituency protection, any time someone quits before finishing a job is a disappointment — let’s ask a bigger question.  Can anyone name a single politician who hasn’t disappointed?  I admit I’ve been a bit down since l’Affair Argentine.  But with the entire elected-dem tax dodge, Barack’s glib perpetuating 100% of Bush’s existing foreign policy (not complaining — just criticizing such disrespectful, pervasive hypocrisy!), and the long  GOP breakdown, I can’t imagine anyone who still keeps faith in our advocates.

On a Fed 10 note: I was under the impression that Alaska was so small and sophisticated a populus that the government operated almost like a direct democracy.  When the Ted Stevens CF surfaced Alaskans were so aware of the consequences of removing Sen. Stevens that they effectively decided en masse to keep Stevens in so the poltical train wreck would dissolve before the next election, rather than boot Stevens, re-elect immediately, and risk a dramatically different course for the state in the midst of scandal.

All of this proves Madison’s infinite wisdom in Federalist 10.  Indeed diversity is critical to a functioning democracy.  Without a vigorous public to demand transparency, representatives will reveal what they choose.  I’d rather be a part of a proactive republic than participate in a direct democracy utterly neutered of that critical diversity.


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