Wonkette on Palin Resignation

Alt title: Quitter?  I hardly know ‘er!

Wonkette quotes a commenter:

In the middle of this monster Palin Chaos Theory post, commenter-personAlaska Girl reminds us why Sarah Palin’s latest “I’m gonna take my ball and go home” move is standard Wasilla Snowbilly behavior: “She didn’t finish her term as mayor, stepping down to run for Lt. Governor. She didn’t finish her term on the petroleum board ethics panel, she resigned in protest and then ran for Governor. She doesn’t want the office, she just likes running for office. She doesn’t want (can’t actually) accomplish anything, she just wants to talk about it.”

Hrm.  Sounds eerily familiar.  So what we’re seeing, Gov. Palin, is that you love the chase.  You like to win, but you aren’t interested in nurturing the constituency’s trust that you’ve won.

Yea, female politicians are *so* different from men.  Because I’m sure Maria Belen would be *so* much more satisfying than the many other women whose “ultimate line” Gov. Sanford resisted crossing.

Integrity isn’t about winning, or refusing to take “no” for an answer, or developing a resume — paper transcript for “persona” — that sees ends disassociated from means.  Integrity requires discretion in accepting duties so that a person can perform them as promised.

I like a lot of things about Gov. Palin.  Her utter failure to perform in 2008 aside, she (appears to) tend to her family, she funnels resources to her constituents, even at federal expense.  Assuming, arguendo, that Palin has the GOP’s interests at heart, a Presi-run provides the most optimistic explanation for her abrupt resignation.  Do we want a President who does a job only until she decides it’s time to move on?

Keeping her kids (but  not husband) around her at her resignation speech only hurt Palin’s case more.  I completely understand reserving time for family (just ask anyone I’ve ever dated!).  But this basically makes a case for keeping a glass ceiling.  Male governor plunges ahead w/ his political aspirations, despite his cheating that tears his family apart.  Meanwhile female governor decides she’s too ambitious for state and plays the “look at my cute children” card to displace criticism.

Of 50 governors, 7 are women.  Only 3 of the 22 Republican governors are female.  Governor Palin, you’re not just representing your state; you’re representing that lucky constituency that boasts an extra X chromosome.  Do take care of your family.  But please (please!) don’t increase the risk probability employers (and voters!) will consider when choosing the best person for a job.


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