More on the Unemployment Gender Gap

From AEI:

The 2.5 percentage point gap between male and female unemployment in May was the largest it had ever been since records were first kept in 1948. In the latest numbers from June, 10.6 percent of men, compared to 8.3 percent of women, were unemployed, for a gap of 2.3 percent. In this recession, male-dominated industries such as construction and manufacturing have been hit particularly hard and are driving the gap. Areas in which women predominate, such as health care and education, are still showing job gains. But the male-female unemployment gap is likely to persist or even grow, warns Christina Hoff Sommers, because the Obama administration has bowed to feminist pressure groups. Rather than boost stimulus spending directed to men, these advocacy groups hijacked the program, getting the administration to add funding to boost employment in fields dominated by women and even tasking key administration economists to report not only on the number of jobs the plan would likely create, but also the gender composition in employment sectors.


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