Congress Aborts Contract, Babies in DC

DC voting rights may be unconstitutional, but that won’t stop the House of Representatives from passing controversial programs in the District. The AP reports that the House passed a spending bill Thursday that would allow the DC government to fund abortions for the poor and will take steps towards legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

The bill doesn’t just use federal funding for abortions — which is evidently uncontroversial, and Planned Parenthood’s basic business model — but also usurps the free market and contract principles:

The measure also would force General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC to restore franchise agreements with the approximately 3,000 dealerships that they cut loose as part of restructuring plans approved by bankruptcy courts. The White House and the two companies oppose the idea, saying it would get in the way of the effort to return them to profitability.

Hrm. If only there were some way for DC residents to indicate what they want their very high taxes to fund (hint: safer, later metro)!


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