L’Affair Gates

Perhaps this has been said elsewhere, but leave it to Rich Lowry to make it both simple and obvious:

Here’s my column today. Basically, my take is that once you say race didn’t account for the initial call (as even Obama does), then it’s a question of how much obnoxious yelling Crowley should have been willing to put up with — and race probably didn’t figure into that either. It was Gates who racialized and blew up what otherwise would have been a brief, eventless interaction with a police officer responding to a mistaken call.

Obama’s getting involved was precisely the same thing. He racialized something that wasn’t racial to begin with. Even Gates’s account concedes that he came back out of the house to continue his altercation with the officer.

Call it “contempt of cop,” or call it pure provocation. Regardless, you can’t poke a commanding officer and expect him not to react. Two men squaring off in testosterone court is not a racial affair. To try to make it racial is just, well…stupid.


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