Huge Braille

I haven’t personally verified what I’m about to share, but I heard it from good authority—a bunch of soldiers gossiping at Union Station—and it’s such a good illustration that I have to share.

Apparently the Army decided to make the signs atop the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier disability-friendly.  Beneath the large lettering denoting the Tomb for seeing folks, the Army included a similar sign in Braille for blind visitors.  Like the letters designed to be seen a few feet away, the Braille is “written” in huge font.

Only problem is that Braille can’t be seen far away.  To read Braille one has to be right on top of it, touching it.  With such large font it’s impossible for someone to read the Braille, so these huge dots are illegible to anyone touching it.  Hands are accustomed to tiny dots on a small grid, so huge dots mean nothing even to fluent readers of Braille.

What a perfect illustration for government action.  They try to do something nice, but Big Government fails to do its homework and the attempt ends as a flop.  A better move might have included outsourcing the translation to a blind focus group, or financing audio guides.

All those tax dollars must be worth more than representatives sitting back with a smug sigh after totally failing to make a measureable difference.


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