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An aside from this post:

*Let me just air this compaint now: I saw Bill Kristol on the Daily Show last week, and he completely ceded his argument against public health care when he stumbled on the military plan.  Jon Stewart caught him admitting that a single-payer works for the military, and Kristol was at a total loss to backpedal from having admitted that it can be possible and good.

In fact, if he had one iota of experience with TriCare he’d be able to cite countless first-, second-, and third-person tales of utter, abysmal failure.  Most military people use private doctors for everything save their STD tests.  Those who can’t afford private care simply leave for the private sector as soon as they’re able.  In fact, the sinking ship that is TriCare is likely responsible for a huge percent of military attrition that makes us do things in economic booms like waive felony disqualification, permit tattoos on the hands, etc.

I used to work with someone who died because the VA kept pushing back his appointment to remove his gangrenous finger.  Even I, with no medical experience, know that gangrene kills vast tracts of healthy tissue like leprosy within a matter of weeks, not months.  This was not a complicated procedure, and the VA failed miserably even at remedying that.  I was so, so sorry to see Kristol flounder and lose that debate when the answer was so clear.

Phone a friend, Bill!  I have stories for you!  I can explain how military health care is an excellent illustration for why public health care will act like gangrene in a healthy individual-to-state relationship!


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