Potomac River

Yesterday I had one of those “inside the runners’ clique” experiences that motivated me to stay inside.  On the off chance any runners out there haven’t been to Potomac River running store, go now!

After he saw the photo below my brother, an ultramarathoner, clued me in to my need for new shoes.  The photo reveals that I over-pronate, putting undue pressure on my arches and hips.  Over-pronation is a function of worn-out shoes (who knew?!), so my brother sent me to Potomac River for new, supportive sneakers.



Salespeople at PR put me on the treadmill in “neutral” shoes.  Video screens above the treadmill projected my stride so I could watch my ankles roll.  Five minutes of running later, we identified exactly what kind of support I’d need.  I confessed that I hadn’t replaced my shoes in about four years (yikes!), so we discussed mileage, habits, and how to treat my gear.

Now I’m the proud owner of a supportive pair of Asics.  I tested the shoes on the treadmill this morning and am thrilled with my purchase.

Runners: Go check out Potomac River running store!


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