Bacon’s New Frontier!

Jacob samples bacon vodka for Crispy on the Outside:

The aroma is definitely of bacon. More specifically, of crispy bacon. It smells like there’s a bit of char to it. The taste is of bacon too. In some bacon flavored spirits smoke becomes the dominant taste, but this actually has a meaty flavor to it.

Is that a good thing? Well, it’s not like I’m going to come home and have a serious debate about whether I’d rather sip on Bakon or my Yamazaki 18 year single malt, but on the rocks it’s oddly fascinating. It tastes and smells as much like bacon as I could hope it would. It doesn’t taste like an industrialized, artificial version of its namesake flavor, as so many flavored vodkas do. This is a product that could have been horrible and, thankfully, it’s not. It’s just very weird.

As a professional mixologist my palate is tolerant of a lot of crazy stuff though, so I also had the restaurant staff try it out (some of them neat, some on the rocks). They weren’t so forgiving. Five of them absolutely didn’t like it, one thought it was pretty good, and one more liked it enough that he took the glass and finished it off. It’s not for everybody.

To be fair, most flavored vodkas aren’t meant to enjoyed on their own. They’re meant to be mixed. Bakon recommends putting the vodka in a Bloody Mary, so I tried out a simple one of those. This turned out pretty well, with the bacon flavor coming out more strongly than I thought it would and lending an additional savory note to the drink. If there’s a killer app for bacon vodka, this is definitely it.

I’m intrigued.  But I think I’ll try my hand at homemade meat manhattans and take Jake up on his bacon-flavored bourbon suggestion instead.


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