Norman Borlaug

I was among that uncouth faction that did not recognize Normal Borlaug’s name until his death. Tom Palmer’s respectful, Randian eulogy says it best:

Millions of people around the world are alive because of the achievements of Norman Borlaug. Few of them will ever hear his name, even though many, many more will hear of George Bush and Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin and all the other expropriators with puffed-up egos who rule us, and who invariably claim for themselves all the credit for the work that was actually done by scientists, farmers, truck drivers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, construction workers, and the other varied occupations of great societies. (Of course, by simply limiting their power — no easy task that! — and providing the rule of law, they help to make it possible for people to cooperate, and for the people to produce wealth. So they do have a role, but no more than clearing away obstacles created by their predecessors and creating frameworks for peaceful cooperation.)

Another beautiful piece from The Atlantic.

The Daily Telegraph: Norman Borlaug


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  1. ahrcanum

    Please don’t be among the faction that does not recognize Genetically modified foods -GMO’s isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Chemically altering food might just kill more people than the millions he attempted to save.

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