Pet Peeve du Jour

Dear Lawyers and Pundits:

Please stop using sentences that begin with “I think,” or “In my view….” We know it’s your view because you’re saying it, and we know your entire job is framing situations to benefit the position you think is best. No need to preface everything with these disclaimers. The public is smart; we’ll decide which of your views we share. Thanks!


Edit: It’s not just my pet peeve! No sooner had I touched “publish” than I read this great (if illustrative of fast-rising bitterness) article at NRO, including this relevant paragraph:

Which was the point all along. In every one of the Emperor Hussein’s speeches, not only does the song remain the same, so do the words. I want you to do this. I am going to force you to do that. I will not allow you to do whatever. Not since Thomas Friedman got his column at the New York Times has anyone so abused the first-person singular. Indeed, Barry’s patented speeches are an orgy of solipsistic onanism, his animus apparent, his feelings deeply sensitive. Even though he’d like to discuss these crucial reforms civilly, the time for talking is over. Cross him and he will call you out. And whatever you do, don’t get him all wee-wee’d up.


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