Hillary Clinton: Femme-inist?

I blog occasionally for a women’s group, and what I hope to bring to that table is my own search for what kind of woman I’d like to be: lawyer, mother-of-five, patient and kind, MILF, etc. I write about gender issues a lot just because articulating demographics — racial tension, gender stereotypes, politics that revolve around any of the above — never fail to fascinate me.

Ever since Hillary’s interpreter-flub outburst this summer Hillary has been very much on my radar, perhaps for the very first time. This week I’m thinking about Hillary’s perception as the “Lady Macbeth of Little Rock,” and whether that reflects more discomfort w/ the idea of a woman on top than actual “blood” — even just blood of the “bitchy” variety — on Hillary’s hands.

For that matter, Lady Macbeth was just doing the best she could ambition-wise under the limited circumstances available to her back in the day.

The Clintons-as-Macbeths analogy may be old news, but it’s new enough to stay interesting to me. Hillary’s position and perception as Sec. of State is of particular interest; if we thought she was such a “bitch” during the election season, why are we relying on her to cultivate peace? Why would Obama hire someone he can’t fire without mobilizing the Clinton Machine? Why would North Korea chant a Red Rover for sending Former President Clinton right over, and why would we — and Hillary — comply?

Yes, I’m exploring a bromidic, already-oft-discussed, would-have-been Girlie Studies thesis. I’m sure every college library in the country is flooded w/ feminist looks at Macbeth. Still my heart goes out to Hillary, wearing her ridiculous banana-colored suits (I have a polo dress in the same color). She never smacked a glass ceiling; she just did what many politicians did, and became much too human.

I feel for her, I’m fascinated by her, and for a little while I plan to blog (perhaps annoyingly) about Hillary doing the best she can despite her frequent, unintentional trudges through mud.

For those who read this blog, I welcome your emails/comments on whether and what you think of Hillary, and whether she’s what you’d call “a feminist” or, more importantly, “feminine.”


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