Book Night on Boing Boing

All interesting book posts:

Reading Kafka improves pattern-detecting skills.  This one speaks for itself.  So…he turned into a bug?

List of books read by backpackers.  Eco, check.  Borges.  Check.  King Lear.  I would love to backpack w/ this list.  Small quibble though: Why would someone travel w/ Foucault’s Pendulum when Eco published a book of short stories — more conducive to reading on the train — called “How to Travel w/ a Salmon”?  And, for the record, the best travel-perceptive book I’ve read was Allen Ginsberg’s “Travels to India” while living in Costa Rica.  Dramatically different parts of the world, but Ginsberg perfectly opened my eyes to romanticize even the gross stuff.

Dave Eggers’s new book about the CF immediately following Hurricane Katrina.  I am not an Eggers person, but I will read this.


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