Out of Curiosity

More plagiarizing, via The Dish:

Stanley Fish writes about the religious tradition that condemns curiosity:

[The curious] have no power of self-control because they have no allegiance — to a deity, to human flourishing, to community — that might serve as a check on their insatiable curiosity. (Curiosity is inherently insatiable; its satisfactions are only momentary; there is always another horizon.) In short, curiosity — sometimes called research, sometimes called unfettered inquiry, sometimes called progress, sometimes called academic freedom — is their God. The question, posed by thinkers from Aquinas to Augustine to Newman to Griffiths, is whether this is the God — the God, ultimately, of self — we want to worship. Given the evidence…the answer would seem to be yes.

I’ve always considered Curiosity close to the top of my list of preferred virtues.  It’s always my favorite thing about people, and the most satisfying part of my own personality.  Indeed, perhaps ironically (who could have imagined that there was a religion for condemning curiosity?) my Facebook status for “religious beliefs” reads: Curious.


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