Birth Control Goggles

How many divorces do you think this has caused:

Evidently the Pill can leave women attracted to one type while dating and another when raising kids (or otherwise so unprotected).

From the Daily Mail.  Thanks Josh!


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One response to “Birth Control Goggles

  1. Libby

    I read about that earlier this year. It has to do with the pill interfering with women’s ability to interpret male pheromones. Women on the pill actually prefer men who, were they not taking oral contraception, they’d find unappealing.

    Add that to the fact that women on the pill seem to exhibit fewer (behavioral or chemical) mating cues, and (possibly) attract less male attention. Instead, their drives seem to “flatline” all month long. (Source:

    Consider the pill’s trade-offs: Sure, you can have sex pretty much whenever you want, but you’re seemingly less likely to be in the mood, less able to capture male attention, and when you do finally hook up, it’s with a guy you probably don’t even like!!

    I guess when it comes to birth control, hormone-free is the way to be!

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