Leash SoSo Tight

Does anyone else feel a little violated to learn that the White House chose Justice Sotomayor’s confirmation outfits?

Says the WSJ blawg, citing the New Haven Register (which culled from Sotomayor’s private speech by interviewing reunion attendees):

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, whom we’ve learned likes to talk, gave a speech Saturday night saying her nomination process was so tightly scripted that the White House picked out her dress.

Obvi Sonia, J.’s confirmation was just a formality.  Still, isn’t choosing her clothes a leeetle bit too much?  I get that the White House <3’s her, but when does inter-branch meddling cross the line?

Of the nomination:

Meyer recalled that Sotomayor grew teary at moments when discussing the nomination process, but kept the crowd laughing. Sotomayor even explained that she’d gone shopping for clothes to wear to her acceptance ceremony, but government officials instead told her to bring five suits, one of which they would recommend for her to wear, Meyer said.

I feel a little like this administration is a grand hand holding the Ouija guide.  We’re spelling out a message the White House assures us comes organically from beyond. But the clearer the messages gets it’s becoming patently obvious it’s not coming from anywhere but that omnipresent hand.


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