New Horizons

Check out this cool photo:


I learned I love horizons in Buenos Aires.  I was there on a b-school consulting trip and wound up friendly w/ this photographer who walked me through the art museum.  It turns out the top floor is for photography, and at the time it was all very geometric.  The lines in this photo gave me a nostalgic little flashback.

Boing Boing explains why the sun looks green:

Just as the setting Sun disappears completely from view, a last glimmer appears startlingly green. The effect is typically visible only from locations with a low, distant horizon, and lasts just a few seconds. A green flash is also visible for a rising Sun, but takes better timing to spot. A dramatic green flash was caught in the above photograph in 1992 from Finland. The Sun itself does not turn partly green, the effect is caused by layers of the Earth’s atmosphere acting like a prism.


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