Animals’ Marriage

I was a (lousy but intense) vegan for almost ten years for reasons much closer to this article (efficiency, really) than to anything related to animal rights.  While now I emphatically embrace man’s victory at the top of the food chain, I can’t help but be a little moved by this paragraph:

The heritage bird runs very fast around the yard first thing in the morning, flapping his wings and trilling musically while the factory-bred girl stands there, calm and blinking. They nuzzle each other, and when one moves out of sight, the other whimpers. How can I kill one or even both of them when they’re just settling into their marriage, into their new home? Can’t. As I type, it’s Nov. 23, I’ve spent $75, driven all over northern California, and I still don’t have a damned turkey.

Originally here, via Daily Dish.


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