Too Late

I just got caught for the SECOND TIME today rocking out to this song.  It’s time to confess to the Internets at large that I have listened to this song approximately 871 times today.

Yes!  My name is Kat and I am addicted to Timbaland, feat. One Republic.

It’s not that it’s a particularly good song.  It’s that the video is So. Delectably. Silly.  It’s full of metaphors so heavy-handed that frankly I CANNOT get enough.

I’ve trained my ears to tune to the exact moment that wedding cake couple statute bursts into flames — GET IT, IT’S A SYMBOL OF THEIR ENDED LOVE — followed immediately by the flaming flowers, WHICH REPRESENT PERMANENTLY SQUELCHED HOPE.

Enjoy, interwebs, but beware: Symbolism this nuanced can be addictive.  Watch with care!


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