Resonance and WFB

Check out this great line from an article re Pat and WFB:

I think [Pat] felt fulfilled when she met Bill. She never looked back. Her maid of honor never heard from her again.

I hate looking back.  It’s so much more satisfying to move forward, living in an honest way, and assume that everything works out according to plan.  This covers romantic relationships, sure, but also jobs, plans — any decision that requires a trade-off.

This places me firmly in the category of “silly romantic,” but so be it.  I was pragmatic for a lot of years and, frankly, it was boring.

Perhaps the catharsis addiction is simply reminding oneself that there’s no happy way to go but forward.

More than catharsis, there’s something so resonant about finding the perfect phrase.  I spend inordinate blocks of time gnashing teeth and overanalyzing.  It’s nice to set something down and later find a solid, resonant frame to tie it up with a bow.

And, as long as it’s a Very Quoted Saturday:

“The First impulse towards painting, or towards art in general, stems from the need to communicate, the effort to fix one’s own vision, to deal with appearances (which are alien and must be given names and meanings). Without this, all work would be pointless and unjustified, like Art for Art’s sake.” –Gerhard Richter, 1962


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