Oh, Washington

A political Dear Prudence:

Dear Prudence:
I recently got engaged to a wonderful woman, and we are looking forward to our life together, especially our first Christmas. We recently received a Christmas card from my fiancee’s aunt and her family. It stated, “Our Christmas Wish to You Is To Keep Health Care Privatized.” My fiancee and I are very upset about this. We don’t mind that they have different political beliefs, but the fact that they’ve put them in a Christmas card is a huge breach of etiquette. I can’t think of any way to politely broach this issue with them, and skipping Christmas would alienate my future in-laws. Is a political statement in a Christmas card as bad as I think it is, and is there any way I can address this issue? My fiancee and I are both very frustrated.

—Appropriate Christmas Cards Only, Please

Dear Appropriate,
The aunt’s card could revive the whole Christmas card industry! Just imagine a line of “Going Rogue” Christmas greetings. Or cards with tea bags stapled to them. Yes, the aunt’s card is tasteless, but your response is humorless. It’s probably for the best that you didn’t send her a card with the sentiment, “Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for Avoiding a Death Panel in the New Year!” But blowing off your fiancee’s family during your first Christmas together because an aunt sent a silly Christmas card would not enhance your standing as someone people looked forward to having around for the long haul. What you do is nothing. If the aunt asks whether you received the card, just smile and say yes. You can add that you bet her Valentine’s Day card is a doozy.



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