Quarter-Life Crisis (“QLC”)

This is the most depressing article I’ve ever read, and this is the thing that freaks me out about our generation, the post-free-spirit-bullshit-funk-ridden willingness to fall on excuses. The refusal to take responsibility and own the young parts.

Is the better part of our generation, demographic, cohort — however you want to characterize it — swimming around in this sort of ennui?  I “self-medicate” occasionally w/ bourbon and perhaps a bit of earring-oriented retail therapy — but does thing ring true for anyone out there?  Doesn’t this feel more like histrionic refusal to take responsibility than a real, rational reaction to finding oneself mired in the very best years of her life?

Dear Colleagues:

The way to avoid the ennui is to avoid the ennui.  Be decisive, make real decisions, and take responsibility for your choices.  We all spend a few years sampling ennui, but the purpose of our twenties is to get past it.

Life is simply too short to spend the best part of it wallowing in post-teenage angst.   Ugh.  Down w/ the QLC.


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