Contempt of Course

Blah, blah, relationships, divorce, statistics, blah, predict, and then:

“Actually, some people have tried to measure these things — one psychiatrist, made famous in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, claims to be able to predict divorce based on whether couples show contempt for each other.”

That’s interesting.  What do you think, kids?  Is contempt more deadly for a marriage than the factors listed in the original “yadda yadda statistics” article, like financial disagreements, religious differences, smoking differentials, etc.?

It makes a lot of sense.  The factors Daily Beast lists as statistically significant are all presumptively partner gaps.  Both partners are responsible for finances, for their religious choices, etc.

Contempt, on the other hand, suggests a state of inequality.  This is functionally one partner’s unwillingness to relate to the other.

Contempt can exist within any of those boxes, but it can also exist alone.  And what makes contempt unique is that it’s probably indicative of some underlying, pre-existing decision not to relate.  It’s the un-partnering.


From Jezebel.


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