This is so cool: A completely simple design combining chair + single shelf for books.

Brilliant, right?  The coolest part about this is that looking at it you’re inspired to just build your own, no?  It’s brilliant because it’s accessible.

Writes BLDG BLOG, the site from which I’ve lifted these pics:

Designer Tim Durfee has produced what he calls “Storyboard,” a book-storage unit and chair built from a geometrically simple combination of reclaimed pine boards and a 40′-long nylon strap.

It is “an object defined by creating a surface at the height of the knee, at the ideal angle for sitting,” Durfee writes. “Similar to the old style of carrying books with a strap, this object can be host to a personal library.” Multiple “Storyboards” variously arranged in different spatial combinations would also result in some interesting room designs.

As such, it also has some interesting resonances with architect David Garcia’s ongoing “Archive” series: inventing new spatial systems for the display, use, and appreciation of books.

[Images: “Storyboard” by Tim Durfee; photos by Mikey Tnasuttimonkol].


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