Civil Rights’ Stilted Future

Civil Rights lawyers self-identifying as “non-partisan democrats” saw me blogging at the Civil Rights Commission’s conference on the “Future of Civil Rights” and approached to dish about the future of the Commission.

The conference opens with a series of panels on Family.  Family as an institution, the foundation for civilization.  By focusing on the family unit, the right-leaning Commission leadership aims to individualize the effort to get “minority” kids on their feet.

Opponents complain that family isn’t the answer at all.  These little-d’s complain that the scope of the conference is way too narrow.  Education, they claim, will make the difference.  Yet the educators railing for the family state that education is just another area that will thrive if the family unit thrives.

Here is the gist of the “education” portion of the conference:

Black children’s statistical failure in educational institutions parallels a shift from industrial technology (mechanized physical work) to informational technology (which organize what we think about).  This moves us towards a knowledge economy and the era of critical thinking.  To compete in this brave new world, we must educate our kids towards this new approach to information.

The more interesting stilt to this conference is the fact that we’re still talking about a black/white divide.  Not only Hispanic person has spoken today.  No one has mentioned immigration.  Were this 1971 the panels would sound substantially the same as they sound today.  We are looking at the past of Civil Rights.



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