More from Amy Wax: American Leadership and The Future of Civil Rights

The following are notes from Amy Wax’s talk at the Civil Rights Commission panel “A New Era: Defining Civil Rights in the 21st Century,” in response to a question addressing the institution of marriage and its role in society:

Dr. Wax’s oft-addressed “White Society,” the Ivy League-educated “leadership class” (of which Dr. Wax, a Penn professor, is admittedly a “card-carrying member”), is “morally bankrupt.”

This class “talks the 60’s, but lives the 50’s.”  Because this “leadership class” is touting such a set of alternative lifestyles, they are giving bad advice to the rest of the country.

While statistics suggest that African Americans are less likely to get married in the first place, it’s Wax’s “leadership class” that is the most-divorced, most-alternative, most “multiple-partner fertile” group in America.  Their kids feel no ill effects; in fact, their privileged kids, torn between parents eager for preference are “making out like bandits.”

America emulates the Leadership Class.  America’s leaders are providing a terrible example.  Education is not the answer; families are the answer to the future of civil rights.


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