Betancourt: Revolutions Not So Nice.

After six years in FARC captivity deep in Colombia’s jungle, Ingrid Betancourt is over revolution and ready for cake.

From the NPR story on All Things Considered:

Betancourt says her time in captivity dispelled any romantic illusions she had about the FARC and their mission. “I am of a generation where we like Che Guevara, you know, the very romantic kind of revolution thing,” she says. “And in a way, I thought that the FARC was kind of a romantic rebellion against a system that… I didn’t like either.”

In the course of human events men are indeed occasionally required to overthrow the system in place.  History books and legal lit are all written by a revolution’s victors.   Yet the majority of revolution is this Che bloody hell, guerillas and lawlessness and theft.

Ingrid Betancourt

Ingrid Betancout went through hell. I can’t begin to conceive of what she must have felt these six years.  But she spent her career supporting structures that permit guerillas like her captors to exist.

Betancourt was right: FARC is exactly like Che Guevara’s revolution. As long as people hold on to the notion that these revolutionaries are “romantic,” many, many more people will suffer the same hell that befell Ms. Betancourt.

Che Guevara was a mass murderer.  Killing in the name of ideology is not above the law.



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4 responses to “Betancourt: Revolutions Not So Nice.

  1. Alberto Hurtado

    Well said!

  2. Paula Delgado-Kling

    Was Ingrid Betancourt really that naive before the kidnapping? She was a politician in Colombia. And given her education (at Sciences Po), I really, really have trouble believing these statements she’s making on NPR are genuine, and not, simply, a way to promote her book to Gringos.

  3. Alberto Hurtado

    That’s certainly a good question. But there is in Latin American politics a strong strain of romanticism for revolutionary inclinations, even among the elites.

  4. Che Guevarra was a mass murderer, who brought misery -not enlightenment everywhere he went. It never ceases to amaze me that this guy with his so called brilliant mind didn’t stay in his own land Argentina and help the exploited under the Peron regime. Thanks largely to his help the people of Cuba have been held hostage for 51 years. Communism has failed miserably but the spoiled dicktator of this country is too proud to admit that he’s been wrong all these years. As for El Gran Comemierda Che? He’s dead folks. Get over it.

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