Fountain pen saves family home from foreclosure

1- Remarkable ink from an $83 fountain pen saved one family’s home from foreclosure.

2- There is a Florida Foreclosure Fraud Blog.

Meet the fountain pen collector

My client, a former paralegal, happened to be a fountain pen collector. For signing legal documents, she had a particular pen that she always used: an Oriental Red, Expert II Waterman pen, which she always kept loaded with blue Waterman ink. But when she got to the closing, the notary refused to let her use that blue-ink pen to sign the documents. Black ink only, he told her,it photocopies better.

She was, to put it mildly, pretty upset. That’s exactly why she wanted to use blue ink, so she could tell the photocopies from the originals. But the notary refused to notarize anything but a black-ink signature and she relented.

So imagine her surprise when she saw the bank’s “original note” was in blue ink. Imagine the bank’s surprise when they learned the notary had insisted on black ink—after they went to the trouble of creating a so-called original with a blue-ink signature they must have duplicated from a high-quality scan. Faced with the prospect of proof, at trial, that their “original” was a fake, they opted instead to drop the case. Victory!









Full story here.


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