Why is size 4 too big for fashion? Everybody lies.

Former Ford model Katie Halchishick explains to The Gloss why fashion is so skinny. In part:

It’s an aspirational industry: The way we have it structured now a size 0 is marketing to someone who is a size 8 to a size 14. They get  marketed to by a really young size 0. And when I’m a size 10 I’m marketing to women who are really plus sized.

People don’t expect a “size 4″ to look like a size 4: When you’re working you’re talking about how you’re a size 14 when you’re clearly a 10. There are lies across the board about sizing.

(Full interview here.)

Halchishick just started a a new modeling agency with the motto “Healthy is the new Skinny.” Natural Model Management focuses on women sizes 4-10 who fall between industry standards for traditional teeny or plus-size modeling.

“Healthy” sounds like a great model. Still, if the entire industry relies on lies about size, it’s unnerving to blame teenagers’ race to zero on their naivete to fashion’s whole meta physical conceit.

Those in-between years are uncomfortable enough for young women. It’s downright disturbing to confirm that the industry takes their suffering in stride and tacitly keeps up the spin. Nice to hear one model admit it as a focus on health!

For another woman-friendly step in the right direction check out FirstOrderGoods’s take on S/S 2011 fashion from Celine:

Mature women are in. Fat women are in. Normal is supposed to be the new special. It is as if the world were divided into mature fat women and illiterate fifteen-year-old models. At Céline she is quite different, she is independent, sophisticated and terribly sexy.

Women are in again. Perhaps it’s time we reclaim healthy as the new skinny too.


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One response to “Why is size 4 too big for fashion? Everybody lies.

  1. Libby

    It seems to me that, even if the culturally-idealized body type moved to slightly thicker and representative of more women, we’d find other things to focus on and nitpick about. Body proportions, or hair color, or some other physical characteristic. What do you think?

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