Salt Lake City

This is the week we discover the American West. Waking up this morning in Salt Lake City we peel ourselves off the camping bags kindly lent to cushion friend Nick’s cold hardwood floor. We’ll hit the road in 5.

There are lots of ways to discover the West. This trip is a study of pawn shops and national parks. It’s always heartening to get out of DC, and especially heartwarming to discover lives and jobs with a purpose wholly unrelated to wonkdom.

Salt Lake is unlike anyplace I’ve ever been, and not just because supermarkets here stock dried fruit in the ExLax aisle. From the looks of Salt Lake City, this is a city that has always driven towards job creation, because there has always been a large number of smart, productive folks sitting tight at home.

Even the Craigslist “free” section this morning is all evidence of a rich work-from-home culture. Free Mary Kay samples available from a housewife who pledged to give thirty facials this month instead of par for twenty. Lots of free tech equipment from the folks who build websites.

Also available on the Salt Lake City free Craigslist that you wouldn’t find in DC? Gun locks. Free services, like garage cleaning and babysitters promising to take your kids for a wholesome day at one of the many Family Fun sites around town.

Cedar City, where we spent Monday night, was a drinking town. Salt Lake? This is a miniature golf town.




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