Treasure trove: amazing photos kept hidden from the world

Check out these photos the Daily Mail ran last week:

Photo by Vivian Maier, who often explored poor neighborhoods with her camera

The Daily Mail reports:

Maier observed it all without judgment. This was her hobby, not her job. But over the decades, it also was her life. She shot tens of thousands of photos. Most were never printed. Many weren’t even developed. And few were seen by anyone but her.

Vivian Maier wanted it that way. She guarded her privacy so zealously that she didn’t even want people to know her full name.

She and her photos seemed destined for obscurity until a young man with an eye for bargains stopped by an auction house one day. He paid about $400 for a huge grocery box stuffed with tens of thousands of negatives.

. . .

Vivian Maier, it turned out, had two distinct identities: A nanny for the Gensburgs and several other families in a 40-year career on the affluent North Shore. And before, during and after work, a photographer who chronicled the gritty drama and tender moments of street life in and around Chicago. She was fiercely independent. Eccentric. Opinionated. Private, yet confrontational.

Kind of a Jane-Goodall-meets-The-Sartorialist. Cool.

Two more photos after the jump.

The Maier photo below, titled Sept., 1956, New York, New York, is just incredible:

Sept., 1956, New York, N.Y.

"August 11, 1954, New York, N.Y."


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