Tuesday links: Laffer curve, beautiful behavior, and bikeshare overcrowding

The Megabus Effect — how cheap, efficient substitute goods make it pointless for the government to throw tax dollars into unwanted, unneeded high speed rail.

More budget errors, this time from Paul Ryan — haven’t these folks ever heard of a Laffer Curve

Arthur Laffer on how taxes work: Tax compliance in the USA costs $431 billion annually and employs more workers than Wal-Mart, UPS, McDonald’s, IBM and Citigroup combined.

Who’s to blame for big government? It’s not politicians just don’t what we pay them to do — it’s judges who won’t take a stand on their “checks and balance” authority.

Rent the entire country of Lichtenstein for $70,000 a night!

What is the right way for beautiful girls to behave — is it possible for a beautiful girl to admit she knows she’s pretty without sounding like a bitch?

How many bikeshare memberships did Capital Bikeshare sell on its LivingSocial urban coupon? 8,118.


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