Good advice for a productive 2013

Great advice. I especially love these lines:

When do you listen to music? I’m guessing on the way to and from work. Me too.

Here’s something I’ve already begun to do – I’ve stopped listening to plaintive, delicate Dad Rock on the way to work, it’s going to be rap only from here on in. On the way to work, it’s going to be all aspirational, no reflection. Don’t get me wrong, I respect accordion skills and lyrical romanticism as much as the next guy – but whom do I want to emulate more in my business dealings each day – the Decemberists or Dr Dre? One of them is worth $260 million and just built and sold the Beats Audio headphone company as a side project.

The other one is really great at tying scarves.

On the way home, feel free to wallow in the fiddle & banjo Americana ambiance of the Lumineers and the Avett Brothers and the Wilcos and the Bands of Horses as well as Mumford and his sons. That stuff is great for decompression and chilling out. But you musn’t subject yourself to this Sad Bastard Music en route to the battlefield. Primarily because you’ll be playing against people like me, who’ve been main-lining an overdose of corner-holding bravado while you’ve been listening to an art major lick his own violin. Switch it up – aggressive and inspirational in the AM, plaintive and beautiful in the PM when the fightin’s done. Try this for a week, watch what happens.




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