Letter re Enemy Combatants in Boston

Dear Editor:

In your editorial “Enemy Combatants in Boston,” Review and Outlook, April 22, 2013, you make many sound points regarding Miranda rights due perpetrators of attacks against the American sovereign and the larger role of due process with regard to enemy combatants. You were, however, mistaken about one detail: The Boston Marathon bombing was not the most successful terrorist attack since 9/11, as you claimed. What about the brutal Benghazi attacks on our embassy, every inch American soil in Libya, or the 13 American soldiers killed and 30 injured at Fort Hood in 2009, both attacks inflicted in the explicit name of Jihad?

We can discuss exactly what is the best way to protect American citizens’ civil liberties, or the role of due process in this murky twilight between war and peace. But make no mistake: The U.S. homeland is most certainly part of the terror battlefield. It is Ground Zero.


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